Find a color scheme for your wardrobe

Last week I wrote this post, about  the key to an edited closet. The reaction was: what less color? Noooooo!!
I think I used the wrong word, giving up color is not a way to have a wardrobe that is very satisfying. At all.

It is just that an easy way to get a better grip on your wardrobe is to create a color scheme for your clothes.
I love decorating my house, where you have to think about the flow, from one room to the other. And creating a wardrobe isn't any different.

Think about it, when wanting to have a great flow through your house, you just have to choose colors,for your walls and furniture that carry equal weight.

A pastel room, next to a jewel tinted one, or a sandy beige one, will clash. And trow the whole thing off.

Pastels look great with other muted tones, maybe a hint of grey. Jewel tones like each others company. Earth tints blend well, and create a great palette. And black, white, grey, cream and beige, love each other's company.

It is tricky to start thinking of your clothes fitting in a color scheme. I understand that it can sound a bit obsessive and crazy. I like it, I am a perfectionist about color. I could start at paint swatches for hours. Or paintings. Or sunsets.
It may sound a bit crazy. But it makes it easy to create lots of outfits, and easy should be my middle name.
Here some thing I find useful, for sorting out a closet and colors.

1. First the more obvious one. The stronger the color, the bigger the impact. And the bigger the impact, the less you need to add to it. So when buying items in standout colors, think about this. Use it to your advantage. That is why a coat in a great color is great buy. You put it on, bam, it almost doesn't matter what else you are wearing.

2. Colors have personality. They do. Cool colors are more formal, warm color give off an relaxed vibe. You could play with that. Make a sexy dress unexpected by wearing it in grey. Or a business skirt a little less primp by wearing it orange or plum.

3. There are three ways to combine colors: contrast, layering and complementary colors.
The first clashing your colors has a big impact, it takes guts, creativity, a fun attitude, and an experimental spirit.
Layering your colors, adds interest to a color scheme that would be otherwise boring. It is subtle, mysterious, and intriguing.
Complementary colors, are always flattering, it can a bit safe, but also classic. And stylish.

4. Don't buy colors because they are trendy in that moment. Find your own colors. What suits your lifestyle, your skin tone, your hair and eye color, your personality, the place where you live. But don't just adapt. Who cares if everybody in New York wears black, or navy and camel are True Parisian colors. Find what works on you. Here in Geneva everybody wears brown and black. Now I love both but seriously, I cannot live only with those two.

Ask yourself, what kind of girl are you? What is your style? Be specific. Here some broad examples, be a little more specific when you write your own.

The I do not like color girl's closet:

I have lots of friends who are afraid of certain colors. They were only beige, mauve, grey, denim, and brown. Nothing wrong with it. These colors look great together. But think about it. If this was a room, your closet is the color scheme, wouldn't you want to add a fun pillow, just a hint of color in the curtains? Flowers?

Start with accessories, and go for one of your favorite neutral colors, but in a deeper color. Use the layering way of combining colors. Instead of mauve add plum, or violet. Instead of beige go with cognac. And with denim try indigo. Just a bit, and the whole thing will look so much interesting.

The Reese girl's closet:

A preppy classic with a twist. Traditionally there would be a lot of navy, red, and camel in your closet. Add some new classics. Light blue, cranberry, yellow, fuchsia, darker tan and dark green. Anchor it with tan, white and black. You don't need pastels, or greys, it will be to complicated to pair with the rest.

The folk girl:

You wear hats, maxi dresses, leather jackets, and lace. You have browns, blacks, treys, purple, cream in your closet. This kind of style works best with layering colors, so look for every shade of neutral you could add. Not only brown, but also maroon. A hint of orange. Different shades of cream beige, tan. Add some army green, moss, sage. Black is your anchor. Forget about stark white.

The rocker off duty chick:

All black all the time. Great colors to add are the darkest tints of other colors, dark blue, forest green, ultra dark purple, a lighter color as sage, and one color that gives you that kick is pink.

The Pinterest girl:

You know that girl. It is black, camel, cream, grey, light blue

 and stripes with her. It is almost perfection. Not much else is needed. But I would add a stronger color, to complement it.  Bordeaux or cobalt.

The Bunny hop:

Beyonce is your jam. You haven't met a color you don't like. You don't care, you just wear the as you like them. For a closet like this I would just suggest to make all your colors strong, forget softer tints. Eliminate white and greys. Use black as an anchor. Just don't buy everything in pink and orange. Or only greens and blues. Evenly divide colors among your clothing items, so you can clash and wear to your hearts content. Go for it.

The BB

You like sexy clothes, black, red, gold, silver. Don't overdo it. Sexy is also about restraint. You need also colors that add some innocence. Like pink, light blue and white. Black and white together, is even better.

The tomboy

Blue and brown. Army green. And that's it. Am it right? Well maybe a bit of cream thrown in. Add black and lots of it. It will make the whole more fashionable. And won't clash with your laid-back and androgynous vibe. Get some black leather, and you are set.

The sweetheart

You haven't met a pastel, bow, or nail polish you don't like. Wearing sweet colors can one of the most difficult things to pull of. You still want to be taken seriously, you still want to show that you have the same grit and determination as everybody else. At least I imagine you do? I love pink, but would never wear it without adding something a bit more masculine or serious. Tan is your friend. Add some Bordeaux. Grey and Beige are great. Personally wouldn't layer pastel colors, it is just too much, and I wouldn't clash them either. Complementary shades work best.

The cool British girl

You have tons of personality, kooky humor, love to go out. Booties in every shape are your go tos. You wear colors any way you like them. It seems. But there is a formula to this style. Never more than two colors, and they clash. They create strong contrast. It is black, white, gold, blue, green, red. and pink.

What kind of girl/women are you? Does that reflect in the colors you wear?